Empath…why alone time is essential…


There is a reason why many spiritual revelations happen during alone time.

One of the most powerful energy tools for the empath is when the empath begins creating better boundaries so they can have and experience more uninterrupted alone time.

Alone time = recharge time.

Think of a battery that never gets recharged, eventually the power drains and likewise, so does the immune system, the compassion capacity and the alertness levels of the empath, when one gets stressed or pressed too long without any battery charge time (yes burnout is possible).

When an empath, a hypersensitive, or a medium, many of whom are often conduits for the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of others, never gets a break or any time off from being on, their systems can fry.

Literally. They’ll get sick, can’t work, resist until the universe manifests them some injury or circumstance so that they can have a break. So if you aren’t giving yourself some alone time boundaries, the universe will provide them for you. I’ve seen it happen too many times.

Whether this is through taking baths, turning off the cell phone for long periods of time, or taking occasional technology breaks –

Empaths and alone time go hand and hand, and thankfully, so do spiritual revelations and alone time.

The good news about alone time is that some of the best work you receive will be received when solitary.

When we’re alone, we have the opportunity to take in the experience fully with all of our senses, allowing us a greater capacity to remember that experience, gain wisdom from it and then to later learn from it and transmute it into something that can help others.

Spiritual revelations often happen when we’re alone so that we can get the full value from them.
When solitary, we also notice the insights more, tap into our environment at deeper levels, and notice our surroundings and what’s happening to us more, as our senses for survival reasons are on high alert when alone.

To heighten intuition, to recharge your batteries so that you’re sharp when you need to be –

Aloneness is essential for intuitive growth and crucial for the sensitive’s operating system, as is creating boundaries to let others know when you need it so that you have the space to grow with it.

Empaths and mediums often have too much in common, as do sensitives and healers, mainly being that they can sense thoughts, emotions, and feelings around them, and need to spend more time consciously clearing and evaluating these things than others do.

It is always a pleasure to work with my spirit team to clear the spiritual energies in and around those in need through meditation.  So work on your own or whomever you have been led to….but never underestimate your alone time with your spiritual energies and aura crystal clear.

The experience for all is beyond words.

With love xxx