Can you develop as a Clairvoyant…if you weren’t born that way?

Can you develop your intuitive abilities, even if you weren’t born with them?
Can you learn how to communicate with Spirit?
Is there a difference between a natural medium and a non-natural medium?
You may have already heard the phrase, “We’re ALL intuitive,” and then immediately rolled your eyes or thought to yourself, “Yea, right lady – easy for you to say!”

If you have, I’m with you, because I have, too.
I used to think that phrase was ridiculous. If everyone was intuitive, why wouldn’t everyone be giving themselves readings? Or giving other people readings? Why does it seem so selective as to who has abilities and to who doesn’t and to who is born with them and who isn’t?

The meaning of natural intuition
The idea behind being naturally intuitive, being naturally clairvoyant or being naturally someone who can see/sense Spirit is just like saying we’re all natural body builders.
Sure, at birth, some of us are faster crawlers, more natural climbers or a little louder screamers, and over time, we can choose to hone in these abilities as we grow through childhood by joining sports teams and singing clubs. While others don’t intentionally hone in their natural abilities – we can all become a bodybuilder at any age. We all naturally have muscles – the basic framework to build up – but we all have to set the intention to lift weights. To learn about nutrition. To spend hours at the gym and to strengthen the muscles we are born with.

We all grow and develop at varying levels, too.
Some people have been running track since the day they got out of the womb, while others, didn’t have access to a sports team in their after school program. That doesn’t mean that you can’t wake up one day and decide to go running and then hone your abilities to become better and better at it.
You can.
You can start running and developing the natural intuitive muscle groups you were born with today.
We were all born with physical muscles. We were all born with intuitive muscles. No matter how long they have been latent, you can put on some shoes, walk out the door and go for a run for the first time in years.

Will you run a marathon the first time? Will you give an all-star reading the first time you try?
Maybe, maybe not. But, eventually with dedication and practice, you can. By overcoming fears, you can. By overcoming self doubt and procrastination, you can. With friends and family who support you, you can.
developing your intuitive abilities is like starting running.


You can begin at any age. We all have the core muscle groups present. You can get faster, if you decide to make the commitment, but it’s up to YOU to decide to lift the weights, do the work and believe that you can participate in a competition with that guy who’s been stretching and drinking protein shakes since he was 5 years old.

So, can you become clairvoyant if you weren’t born at the gym?

Yes, but you have to decide to step onto the treadmill and give it a try.

Your intuitive toolbox.
I think of intuitive abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance as tools of the medium to see, hear and connect with the unseen world of energy, spirit and intuition around us. I think these innate, yet always developing, intuitive abilities are tools that we are all given and always sharpening.

Your Intuitive Toolbox is a mix of the 4 clair abilities – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance – and everyone is born with at least 1 main tool, with 2-3 supplementary gifts. These tools, be used to receive communication with those in Spirit – you just have to learn or know how to apply and use them to do that very thing.
You can develop your intuitive abilities, but still not be aware of how to use them as spiritual communication tools. Where others may develop their intuitive abilities and then simply start doing it.
Imagine this. Two people with fingers sit down at a piano. One starts to play, figuring it out as he goes, where the other, unsure of what the keys will produce should he touch them – waits for instruction on how to play the piano.

“Natural” Mediums/Intuitives, tend to be the ones that just figure out the piano as they go, touching all the keys, having both success and failure along the way, where “Non-natural” Mediums/Intuitives, choose to wait for instruction. . . or choose to never walk over to a piano at all.
Everyone can play the piano – it’s just:
How much do they want to learn, if at all?
How much self doubt do you have about your abilities to play piano, preventing you from actually just playing the piano and figuring it out later?
What is your natural learning style – self taught, instruction before doing anything, or a little bit of both?

Natural mediums are those who have a desire to learn, a tendency to try things without any instruction, and a willingness to try something without knowing the outcome first.
Developing mediumship is a matter of believing in yourself and Spirit, releasing your fears, trying something new and being willing to experiment. We can all open up to learn, get instruction if we need it, and release our fears preventing us from developing our gifts in a way that is comfortable for us. It’s a matter of deciding to walk over to that piano, sitting down and trying out the keys – and releasing your worries about being good or bad by just doing it.
Anyone can develop their clairvoyance at any age.

You can strengthen your muscles, whenever you want, as long as you have the tools, the know how and the willingness to work at it. And the same goes for intuition.
We all have intuitive muscles, therefore, we can start flexing them. And for those who become the top body builders? They spend a lot of time in the gym. That’s how it happened.
With love xxxScreenshot_20171202-170847