2 days in…Walkswithfire is reaching those around the world again!!! If the free will of another knocks you down…stand up and the universe will stand up with you!!


On Friday 3rd November my Instagram account with 117k followers was hacked. The lovely soul in Turkey demanded a ransom of bitcoin.

All of my contact with clients either for personal of business development has all been through Instagram.  He wiped my identity.  No one could find Zowie Carr of Walkswithfire on Instagram.  1000’s lost readings held in DM and many with sessions booked had no way of contacting me.

His free will….unexpected in my path…..altered my course.  Yet he did not remove my choice.

It is Thursday as I write, the 9th.  I have created Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

I have taught myself how to create a website and I have worked around the clock to fill it with content.

This is why many of you reading this post and seeing my messages….of course I am new to you.  Yet there are twice as many who are thankful to have connection again.

The message…..free will of another can alter your path….your free will can choose to turn the event into greatness for you…and those you impact.

With love xxx