Be mindful as your day takes hold

Dearest Friends

Be mindful as your day takes a hold.

Yesterday and days before including experiences and challenges, interactions and moments have accumulated.

Questions of self now begin. Wondering the point, wondering the value….wondering the impact. In turn questioning worth.

Your worth is immeasurable. Yet likely your human is measuring it’s own worth based on its interpretation of anothers measure of you.

That….alters all and everything.

Ego searches the eyes and lips of other egos to decide it’s own self worth. Told you do well, regardless of whether your soul agrees…you ego gladly mops up the praise. Told you do not do well, gladly ego mops up the praise.

The point being…ego is seeking imperceptible nuances from others to determine how they are allowed to feel.

It may be that the words another says sound wonderful, but dealt with a spoon of disingenuous energy……sits uncomfortable. Your ego will now spiral. It will mop up the words, revisit the energy felt mop it up also. And go around and around….feeling quite crappy.

This intangible thing becoming very tangible.

Within seconds one can strip this away.

Be mindful. See your true worth. Allow your soul to judge your worth. Allow the universe and all in divine to show you your true worth.

Never set your worth based on your interpretation of what another ego seems to value you at.

If you wish a toolbox child…take ours. Please do open it….what do you see… Yes…immeasurable love. All souls are equal.

Do not seek egos praise from another ego. Be fair, for they too are on their own journey.

Seek worth, real praise from your loving soul, from loving spirit in Divine.

There will be no coincidence that you find yourself reading this timely reminder.

With love, now and always

Zowie xxx


Explore reflection

Delighted Friends

How has your day been thus far….mine? I’ve been a busy blogging bee.

Making my site more user friendly, and a space of learning and guidance. In doing so I was often pondering and reading…reflecting. In came my main guide and hence this post.

I explore in many moments. This has evolved over time…age yes…experiences yes…my ever growing connection with my spiritual self and abilities.

I learn in each moment. What I can assure you….reflection holds peace, love, tranquillity, knowing and allowance.

Perception is a tight rope. Highs when your balancing, extreme lows when you fall. Whether balanced or falling your tight rope isn’t real.

It’s a pathway you’ve created above reality to allow an ease for your human.

An ignoring of the ground you truly need to walk upon.
Seems odd eh…that humans ego would choose such a difficult rope to walk upon… Difficult paths are often chosen by us humans, for we are used to the expectation of the painful path. So we repeat.

Because to truly walk a path of all we wish for and desire…and hope for…to be found unworthy…well we might not survive it. We’ve already decided we are unworthy. So we stick with what we are comfortable experiencing rather than walk the ground that our spirit chose to incarnate for.

Hence the highs when we are balancing…euphoria. And in waiting the expectation of the likely hood that we will slip off. We will fall. But we will take it…for its the known expectation which we can cope with.

Perception of all and everything gives you an insight into who you truly are in any given moment.

Challenge you. Take mindful moments to reflect.

Not on others, on you.

Join me on this ever evolving journey.

We will catch you.

With love this Sunday

Zowie xxx