Dear light filled friends,

As I type the universal energy is making a clear concise point for me to convey.

My mind often, and more now than ever, resembles a matrix. Filled with stimulus both in the present human existence and communication in multiple forms from multiple sources in multiple ways from energy sources which defies the logic of the human mind. Yours and mine included.

As I am in a phase of choice, contemplation…the many many lines are blurred. Many wishing me to take their route. I am unsure at present which route to take, ahhhh….hahaha penny drops, hence today’s guidance coming through which prompted the post I write.

Stick with me…I told you in advance I have a jumble of a matrix occurring…and this gives you a little insight into how that transposes itself into words.

Now sign…I began the post at 11.11 my time. As I wrote, my eyes kept drifting to the numbers. So, this is how my team cut through the chaff at times when I need it. So let’s acknowledge their clear message. Your thoughts, those persistent thoughts are quickly manifesting into reality. An energetic gateway is opening for you, there is no coincidence that this post in its wording found you and also the combined message from the universe to acknowledge your thoughts.

So to the words we are brought…as it comes, let it come. As it goes, let it go.

It will need clarity. For you. Sit with these words, mull them over. For we often have a cubed boundary erected. Sitting in a time gone by. Where inside the boundary for a time, we felt most comfortable, safe. Even if the complete opposite be true. It was your box, cube. Your boundary. Your choice…your control. You gained control over your boundary.

I ask you sit with the words from our post. That you take time to understand the meaning for you. Maybe sit with pen and paper. Draw your cube. What’s in it. What do you keep…in your keep. Uses pages if need be… Then open a doorway on the left side. Then open a doorway on the right side. As it comes, tries to come…what is it…what will you allow? As it goes, tries to go…what is it…what will you now allow to leave… Be this a huge task,

Be this a small task. Be this a daily task or a yearly task.

It is a task much needed by us all.

With love xxx