Never fear what if…

My loving friends,

Well technology is the boon of the age, until it breaks.

It is well shared by me that I work with energy, vibrations and frequencies.

I often blow light bulbs, tvs.  This time around 4 weeks ago I was vibrating very very high. Along with some levels of stress.

And I simply locked up my phone.  It has been too and fro the manufacturers for the last number of weeks.

I have lost all that was held on the phone.

But…today it arrived back. Blank but back.

So let us continue.

Here first my man gave me words which I am to acknowledge for self, but also to share.

These words are stuck on repeat from my main guide at present.  He annoys me, and himself to be honest…what’s more annoying is he will change the tone from short and sharp…to bored…to sing song…for I’m afraid. I too, fear what ifs.

Allowing this emotion space in your mind can and will see a take over.  A change in your entire beings behaviour and choices.
This guidance is golden.

Never fear what ifs…. If you wish to picture him…well imagine an exasperating face, a folded arm, a told you so attitude, and a tapping foot.  Oh…and an air of…uh huh so you share the words with others and yet I’m reminding you constantly… Well yup. Thats your job. And this is mine.

He gets on my nerves at times…can you tell.

Anyhoo…lets all try harder to overcome egos greatest weapon of fear…the almighty ‘what if’. Just like the bogeyman…doesn’t exist. (Spirits in the dark..another story for another day..) But what ifs….nope.  Either IS or ISN’T.  ABLE or UNABLE. WILLING or UNWILLING.

I will trust that I AM entirely ABLE and WILLING to CHOOSE this emotion.

If you wish a reading you MUST make fresh contact.  I am so sorry but I have lost all emails and DM’s.

I trust this occured for both you and I.  So email, DM or click link in bio and follow through to my website.

I will be with you soon.

With love xxx