Deal hand daunt

Child do not sit with hand daunt, deal it.

You are the dealer.  You are player.  You dealt you a hand full of daunt today.

It takes one card to be daunting for your human to deal you a full house.

Take pause.  Realise you play a game of daunt.  Now deal it.  Deal with it.  Pick up each card and look at it.  Deal with it.  Repeat.  Until the entire hand has been dealt.

A pause here will result in a much easier climb in the long run.

Pushing forward nor past isn’t in your highest good.

Don’t ignore this moment, and like the mountain shown in stories try to climb too high to grasp the prize that seems out of reach . . . because it is—for now!

If you exceed your limits, you’ll find yourself tumbling down, and you’ll get hurt.

Remain open to a new possibility rather than stubbornly forging ahead, because the mountain, the hand of daunt is part of the journey to reaching the top of the mountain.

It may involve circumstance, person or self…

Sit back in pause and with clear mind lay your cards on the table. Face up. Your face up.  And one by one take each card and see what suit it is.  What actually is it representing, what are you worrying on. Daunted by.  Then choose.

It goes back in the pack. For its not reality. Not for you.  You drew it to confuse to worry….to fear.

Or you make a plan with the card.  Make an action.  You deal with it.

Here is how we clear your mind of potentials which you have devised and created. Strip out the real. Remove the daunt.

Then and only then are you choosing the steps to begin the climb or walk around the mountain.

Today we are going to hover in float motion waiting to see how our potential climb around our mountain unfolds.

We are with you.  So before your task begins.  Take a breathe.  Hold me and them in your thoughts and we will come. And make ourselves known to you.

With love xxx

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Love and Light 💖

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