Today’s guidance

Dear Soulfilled Friends,
👋 hoping you woke well.  I trust you enjoyed yesterday’s post and all that spirit brought for those reaching out to make comment.
I will repeat in time.
Please also to those making contact with me for readings, goodness me what an honour and thankyou.  Please trust the timing, it is all relative.  I will reply, but there is quite the number and then quite the waiting list.
Stick with me here, you’ll feel what you most need when you most need it.
Focus On What Is Good For You In Life.
Your life has felt, lately, like a confusing problem that you can’t quite figure out.
Let’s help you readjust the focus.
Always know when to walk away from unnecessary fights in your life.
Let’s avoid stress. Stop seeking it, embroiling in it.  Taking it on board as if a precious gift.  There is no thing precious held in stress.
Do not search the mind for sticks to hit self with.  Things you haven’t done or need to do.
Do not search the mind for things others have done or haven’t done.  Leave them alone.
Reach out to those who you wronged and ask for forgiveness, even if simply in the mind and heart.  In time you can work towards them hearing too.  Forgive those who apologize to you. Who have apologised.  Move on.

Always treat everyone around you with kindness.
Your need is to create a peaceful environment where you stay.
Avoid unnecessary drama in your life. Be ready to correct the mistakes you make willingly or unwillingly.
Focus on what is good for you in life.
So Be It.
With love xxx

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Love and Light 💖

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