Mercury retrograde..todays guidance will help you

Dear Delightful Planet Dwellers
Firstly let me write the card guidance here.
We are early days into Mercury retrograde. Mercury has decided to alter its direction.
It usually travels east to west around the Sun. As does our lovely planet Earth.
Well Mercury likes to take things apart and put them back together again. Mix things up shall we say.
So, we Dear Souls are in the mixing pot. Mercury took change of direction. It at present is travelling in the opposite direction to Earth. Now it moves west to east.
For a short moment imagine this. The power. the sudden change in power in the almighty universe.
To think this would not have cause and effect in abundance would be quite daft.
Your entire self has been moving with the universe in a direction of transformation.
One essential channel, road, huge energy force has stuck on the breaks.
And put the motion in reverse.
So be it.
A collective test for life to experience once and again.
Be mindful. Be in the actual real moment. Be your delightful soul led gorgeous being. And yee shall benefit from Mercurys shift. Be not, and ego will delight in the chaos and surf the wave of Mercury’s direction shift. Be not Ego.
In this time of Mercury’s fun, challenge. You can choose the impact.
But you cannot fight the force. Choose how you intend this remaining 18 days to be. Being Still. Taking pause and reflect on where you’ve reached in this calendar of 2021 so far.
Sit within your current, enjoy it, bask. Some re organising and reflection is ideal.
Now is not the time for major change. For 1st times. Particularly with purchases of technology.
Treat your human developed tech more carefully, things may just stop working. A lesson in how you cope without.
Know that ego is so present at the surface of your human. Its pushed soul right right back. Be mindful of your first thought. Your first reaction. Your impression. How you treat others. How you respond to self.
And you will not benefit from this guidance once. It will need reiterating to your whole self daily. Maybe more so.
Make time for meditation. Even if for you that’s being still. With drink or in a bath.

Or those who have been taught by me to meditate.  Use my process.

Put some reminders up and around your home…then when you go to lose it ;))) you are reminded.  You breathe.  The panic receded.  The reaction chosen.

I trust this helps child.

With love xxx