Focus on getting to know the new you..let us help

Sweet Darling Friends,
You can never be your old self again. 
Focus on getting to know the new you. 
A better, broken heart, an evolving soul led ego included in this upgraded package.
Your team in spirit, Angel’s, loved ones in Divine are your greatest cheerleaders. 
They have a front row seat to your story, so join them.  There’s space. 
In love they urge you to wear your new human, allowing your soul to ensure a tight fit.
They wish this new you for you.  They wish you to embrace and walk forward.  They wish you love them and release them.
Sitting at the back of your bus ride won’t alter past events.
Joining the front, chatting with the driver and ensuring you partake in the destination… will offer great learning, new joys, a step further on this path you incarnated for….and in its entirety avoid greater hurt.
Today let us love you.  Let us send you our love and help you thus far make this choice.  Your wish of allowance has been granted, so now you must choose.
Please lay.  So choose a time when you can, rather than scoff at not being able to lay right now …hahahahaha xxx
Let the body relax.  The arms by the sides and allow the legs and feet to fall to the sides if they wish.  Bat those lovely lashes shut.
And breathe.  In for the count of 1 and 2, and out for the count of 1 and 2. 
Bring your attention to your feet.  As you breathe, breathe in this delightful air into your body through your feet, and when you are ready begin bringing these delightful breaths up the entire body. 
Slowly.  Abundantly. In love. With great light.  Being joyful and glorious.  The mind will still and quiet.
We shall come.  The love we send will feel lifting.  Like the body almost floats towards the energy you and we bring.
Stay here as long as you wish.  There is no time.
As ever sharing your experience is lovely for you and others.  I was distant yesterday, but will be more present today for you all.
With love xxx
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Love and Light 💖

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