Every day is a wonderful new adventure in decision making

Dear Darling Friends
Stand up.  Plant your feet. 1 and 2. A shoulder width apart.
Curl your glorious fingers into your palms.  Plant each fist on to your hips.  1 and 2. 
Take in a breath and puff your amazing chest.  Open your eyes and cast their direction upwards and beyond all you can see.
Raise your chin. 
And you damn well stand.  Strong. With intent and pride and knowing.
Embody this pose for as long as you need to feel the change, the shift in your energy.  The shift in your belief in you.
Re read the card above as many times needed for it to sink in.
Now let the damn thing go. Detach. The thing, the event, the person.
I know.  You don’t want to.  I don’t either.  But.  The clinging is harming.  The clinging is preventing something, someone so much better from coming in.
If you are not willing to keep looking for light in all dark places, the darkest of places, without stopping.  Even when it seems impossible, you will never succeed.
My sweet superheros.  Let’s all detach and let it go.
As with each task this week, if you choose the stance and hold me in your thoughts…we will come.  You will feel us and we will make ourselves known to you.
With love xxx
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Love and Light 💖

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