Hello. How are you today? How can I help?

Delightful sweet transformers,

Hello. How are you today? How can I help….well firstly skip back up and re read the card of today.

Secondly, how often child do you say Hello, to you…to others and truly delight in the word and the response. How often do you ask self, how are you today? How can I help?

Today those who came through me for you are intent on the allowance of new to replace old.

You can read the words, press a like, make a comment. Often this is simply fleeting intent.

True new takes work. Humans develop their personality from the very second they take breath. Its ingrained, fossilised. Humans created a reset button. A default to type comfort zone.

This must not surprise you, for any technology humans still create today has a factory reset no?

Thinking on change, loving the idea, using go getting words….oh child they are wonderful. Be ware. Be mindful. One tiny trigger or one nights sleep can see your ego pressing humans factory reset button. Default to old.

Phew, happy ego tells itself happy human.


Make way for the new. Let me aid you.

Today please take pen and paper. Seated upright. Hands on the lap. Bat the lashes shut. Breathe in, 1 and 2, breathe out, 1 and 2. Begin to feel the eyeballs rescind. Feel the energy surround you. Simply call me into your thoughts. This will bring forth Angels working through me today, along with the upmost protection which is beyond imperative.

Then when right. Open the eyes.

Take the pen in hand, and on paper write.

Hello. How are you today? And simply allow the words to flow. Do not try and control them just write.

Then, How can I help? And simply allow the words to flow.

Outcome…do not try and control or judge the outcome. It may bring a set of How’s and to do’s, it may simply release the jumbled feelings muddying the waters.

The outcome….is NEW. We have short circuited your humans default button. OLD has been replaced by NEW in this very moment.

As always we love to hear your experience, share if you wish ❤

With love xxx

Love and Light 💖

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