A little insight on my journey with spirit today

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Sweet Friend

When you teeter on the edge, its lovely to hear from those who have taken the plunge.

So I share words of this lovely lady who read with me 2 days ago.

Today has been an honour and delightful. I have spent time in New York, London and Germany.

Each reading unique. My first lovely lady was a Mediumship reading….her Dad sat down with his legs crossed reading his favourite motoring column in the newspaper…behind 3 women who came through first.

For those other mediums reading out there…never lose trust and faith. It would have been easy for human to step and freak the @#$₩ out as I wasn’t receiving who she came to me for. Remembering I never ask why people come.

In the end he came…and he gave her proof it was him but also the insight into his sudden death which she desperately needed to hear.

My second client has been with me a while, a young women at the beginning of her working life. I told her a year and a half ago about the job opportunity which would come. I described the man who would hold the door for her…and the colour shirt and personality of the man who would interview her.

Today she confirmed I had been smack on. She now wished for guidance on her working future and her personal relationship…..understandable in these current times with job security worries. Anyway….it was lovely to put her mind at ease.

Then my last client he was in great need of a spiritual energy healing session….he now is buzzing for all the right reasons. Energetic cords of others removed…his chakras working in tune…his aura cleansed and repaired….he had great bloody hole in it.

I hope you enjoy hearing of their journeys that I was honoured to be a conduit for.

With love
Zowie xxx


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Love and Light 💖

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