Evidence of my abilities

Dear Friends
I will try and share today and tomorrow examples of my abilities and how I work. Ok. We work. 😶

Each reading is unique as I have said, why…well you are all unique. Your humans evolved in their very own unique way.

Some readings are easy. Some readings are….challenging.

My abilities do not ebb and flow. If anything they become stronger and continue to grow. My first client today who has read with me many times over the years…freely remarked on this today. Saying ‘No (they) seem so much stronger than ever before’. What makes a reading more challenging….the ego. Of those being read for and then the subsequent mirroring of my ego. Of course managing this task is mine.

I will come at each reading differently doing whatever necessary to give you what you most need in that moment.

Today 2 clients who have worked with me before….trust me. Know my abilities…have some fear….but allow all they have experienced with me to get out of their own way and just let me and my team in. Let us flow.

1 client who I know has watched me from afar, had her very first reading with me. In equal parts wanting to, and not. She erected walls to a fortress that King Henry would be proud of.

Challenge…you betcha. In equal parts she so wanted to trust in me, yet couldn’t bring herself to. So wanted me to prove myself, yet secretly hoped I would fail.

The first moment of grey I displayed she fought back with the sword of black and white.

An example…I described her kitchen, saying at the end there is a bright light in the kitchen. She answered, no there is no window at the end of the kitchen no sunlight. The reply….I did not say bright sunlight. I said a bright light. Ah..she confirmed yes 2 lights.

I said there were white cabinets, yes she answered. I said and white surfaces, no she said the worktops are not white, they are wooden. I said…I did not say worktops o said the room is surrounded by white surfaces….ceilings and walls. Ahh…yes she said.

In those very beginning moments, me as an inexperienced seer, a channeller would have had an ego freak. Up it would rise like a dragon wishing to burn down the bloody fortress, chalk it up and say….nah this client clearly isn’t meant for me.

Nah uh. Not happening. I am here for a reason. You find me for a reason. Humans evolution into themselves and their reasons for being here is often completely unseen by them.

And this was the case. I took a good look around the home, I took a good look in and around her. Nothing extraordinary. All seemed alright.

There lay our reason for our paths to cross. Her spirit self came to experience alright, but to realise she is so much more than alright.

I cannot divulge personal details. Maybe if she wishes she will write her own review.

In a short space of time I take people on a very long journey in one reading. Humans expect a lot in an hour. I am one of them. And so it is vital that indisputable evidence of me and spirit being there is shown. For humans ego will swoop in at some stage. Especially if hearing something they are not ready to hear. When they do….they have to face the fact of the indisputable evidence when they want to disbelieve something I have said which isn’t yet tangible.

And so I speak here not just to those who have read with me and spirit today….but ever.

I share because I am sure many are intrigued about what I do. How I do it. And not just these motivational words I post from time to time which you probably read everywhere.

I will soon post a time for some questions about spirit and connections for you to ask questions.

I hope you have enjoyed this insight.

For now, with love xxx