The triple

Let’s make it the triple.
Her words within the first 2 mins of her session with me.
Any doubts, worries, fears about investing in her reading with me…..gone.
Because we are clever.  We show you that we know what humans would think impossible.  Some would say we cheat, some would say guess.
I would say. Lovingly. Ok. With love to you on your path.
The reason we do this isn’t only for protection when working between realms.  Which is absolutely bloody vital.  Do not mess around.
We do this also because A spirit chat…a spiritual counselling session….isn’t a breeze.
Your soul loves it. Your higher spirit claps her hands.  Your ego….f@#*£€^ hates it. Hates me.
It will try all to likely ignore or discredit the guidance given.
Why….because it won’t come naturally to your human to hear it. Nor want to.
Why do people ask for spiritual guidance….well from others pertaining to be able…to get an outcome or a message that your human wishes to hear.  Hang on..let me just mix up that love potion for you, charm that crystal….and yeah girl he’ll love you forever, buy you diamonds, worship at your feet, tell you your pretty…and guess what!!! Be your twin flame too boot!!!! Go you.
Ask for a spiritual guidance session from a life coach….lots of lists and words about how to improve you. 
Ask for spiritual guidance from spirit….sweet friend in love we will tell you.  Sometimes the love doesn’t feel too loving.  Or so your ego will tell you.  Your soul…well she brought you here in the first place…she is in raptures.
This is why we detail the unbelievable details.
Because then you have to choose to ignore the guidance that comes….which is much harder to do.
For now, with love xxx