Begin. Here is my small step as guided by my card and Angels today.

I work with all Divine and Spirit in many ways…

I read as a medium bringing through messages from deceased loved ones, angels and Spirit guides.

I read as a psychic knowing the path you’re at…where you’ve been and come from and the reasons.. how then to help walk through the days to come in the ways that best serve you. Often we repeat the cycle blindfolded. Meaning you do the same thing, experience the same thing…over and over. We can break that.

I work in all manners of healing the spiritual energies, cleansing auras, removing cords of attachment, balancing and resetting chakras..whilst taking you on a guided meditation and teaching you how for future use.

I teach.

I identify spirit guides and their reasons for being with you and the messages they continue to bring through.

I read Akashic Records identifying and answering questions about this lifetime whilst also identifying past lives and experiences and why you chose to incarnate.

I remote view. I will often describe the room or your surroundings as you work in a session with me…which is always private and text based…with no video screen.

I cleanse homes from energies which are not welcoming to you.

I teach guided meditation.

I work in business development and career evolvement. The insight provided invaluable. Many a deal has been struck or avoided with spirits guidance.

I cleanse and charge crystals.

I identify the skills and abilities of others working with spirit and help them further their connection and path.

I channel messages for daily guidance for whomever finds themselves crossing my path.

I offer paid services alongside sharing here for free in many ways.


I work all around the world and have read for thousands.

My path as walkswithspirit is beginning and I am taking small steps on this wondrous new path.

With love xxx
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