In all walks so far I have remained true to my path.

I am not here to make you believe but to help and work with those that do…

Being open and transparent with balance between sharing and giving back and for free alongside working with those who require my paid services.

To share knowledge, to show evidence of my abilities and that of my team in spirit and to communicate as a channel for those in divine. Be that deceased loved ones, spirit guided, angels, source, archangels…..the list goes on.

New followers….trust and you’ll see. Old followers…you know me well enough by now and my abilities and devout commitment to love and light for all and everyone.

I’ve been away for a while, because I care greatly about what I do..

The service to others means I must be the very best of me…hence the need for reflection time.

I am slowly working with my team in spirit to be beyond where I was…to be better and soon I will begin client sessions again …thankyou to those of you waiting patiently. It will be worthwhile.

For the first time since creating this new account I’ve had a little look around social media…..And goodness me…there is more than ever a lot of humans spouting a whole heap of confusing made up crap to do with anything under the header ‘spiritual’.

So take care. Be careful what you take on board.

Those who sound spiritual are often less so…they hide. Those who use speak which sounds important are often less so…they hide.

Trust me….spirit doesn’t speak in a language meant for a select few to understand.

Some hide behind confusing sentences sounding profound meaning absolutely jack shit.

Terms and words made up. …so don’t be swayed by popularity…the good the bad and the ugly can be popular. If they don’t make sense….they don’t make sense.

If you come across things you would like a little help with…come here and ask.

We speak transparently. Spirit and Divine do not bestow long sentences with words that seem important yet mean little…

Trust me …my main guide and I have right old hum dingers…with me using quite a few choice words…And I am pretty spiritual 😉🤔😂

With love xxx