Some wish for readings…

I am blessed….performing tasks which most humans think impossible for a human.

In spiritual counselling and guidance sessions…often humans are led by ego. They are in dark places….And they are too afraid to look for any light.

Yet the need for a glimmer of light….offers you every chance of your rainbow.

Yesterday I encountered a soul who was wrapped in egos fear. Feeling cast aside by all that had ever crossed her path.

The session looked back to her past…identifying all that had occurred without any prior knowledge..

And then shown how she can begin to create the reality she craves…

Yet she is simply stuck in the darkness…too angry to be ready to seek the glimmer of light.

So we wait. We will walk with her if her human allows us….

Often your darkness is created by you….hard to believe…but true all the same.

My team and I in spirit are able to show you why and how….And then how to alter your course.

Free will prevails. You have to choose to see the light.

With love xxx


Love and Light 💖

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