I was seeing faces behind my eyes….

Human faces of different shapes and colours. Faces began floating from the left, the right and directly at me, from within the centre of my vision.

They were appearing in outline, full colour and in black and white. Sometimes, just face shape traces of glowing light.
My eyes were closed and I wasn’t asleep. And while at this point, I already knew I could sense Spirit and sometimes saw them with my eyes open – I had not yet seen people with my eyes closed. . . at least not outside of my dreams.
Now, several years since that day – I’ve seen lots and lots of faces, even figures, shapes and entire people – all with my eyes closed. At first, I thought I was alone, but as I write this blog post for you today, I’ve now been contacted by over 100 people who have had the same experience.
And if this is happening to you, or you know someone who has spoken of experiencing something similar, I’d like to explain it. Because now, after some time, I understand it.

Who are these people?
These are people who are no longer living. Deceased people. These could be either deceased people that you know, deceased people that you have not met yet or deceased people who have become Spirit Guides, either for you or for other people that you know.

Why is this happening?
This is a side effect of the opening of your third eye, the energetic centre for your intuitive clairvoyant abilities. Some people see lights, flashes and colours with their eyes closed and when they try to fall asleep. Seeing images within the light or images within the colour outlines, is the next step of opening for your clairvoyant ability.
Think of “lights and colours with your eyes closed” as Stage 1 and “faces and images with your eyes closed” as Stage 2.

This can happen naturally, as part of your soul’s path and growth, or this can happen after intentional attempts at developing your intuitive abilities – even if you attempted other methods of development with no or little success.
Is it a sign or a message for something?
Yes, it’s possible that it’s a sign or message for these things:

It’s time to intentionally learn about and develop your gifts
You have strong clairvoyant and/or mediumship abilities
There are Spirits who want to deliver a message to you or someone you know

What’s the next step?
The next step is to begin to learn about your clairvoyance and mediumship abilities. Then, to begin to learn about Spirits – and not the spooky kind – you want to learn about the Spirits who are on your side – such as Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and deceased Loved Ones (yes, even ancestors you have never met in person!)
Generally, the faces or people that you see with your eyes closed, when either meditating or going to sleep, are faces of those in Spirit who support and guide you (such as your Spirit Guides) or they are the images of the deceased (who want to deliver a message to you or someone you know). Spirits can visit you in your dreams and sometimes, they show up early!

It’s nothing to be scared about, in actuality, it’s a sign you have the ability to clearly see spiritual energies with your third eye.
With love xxx



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  1. Wow… thanks for sharing! So, I’ve had experiences when falling asleep where I see people and places that I do not recognize. I can’t even recall what I saw … but, it’s always very fast and strange…something I’m not familiar with. In my dreams I always see people I do not know

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  2. cont’d – I do not believe I have mediumship abilities…. as I’m not very good ant test for these abilities. I do consider myself an empath. How did you come to recognize your gifts without doubt and how did you develop your skills?

    Love & Light- C

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