Excited for my Day

Today I have 4 readings ahead of me. 3 of them are spiritual counselling sessions.

I never ask why they book with me, allowing my team in spirit to uncover their current blockages in life and how to guide through them.

Then an Akashic Record Reading with a past life being identified. There is much to glean from previous incarnations….often giving reasons why your spirit chose for this soul to incarnate in this present lifetime.

So very excited…..your day being much lighter if you can find a twinkle of excitement ahead πŸ’–πŸ˜‡πŸ’«

With love xxx

One thought on “Excited for my Day

  1. Yayyy Zowie😁😁
    I can’t wait til my next reading with you when my funds get in order lol….love you πŸ’š


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