First blog post…Rise

I am Zowie Carr also known through instagram as @walkswithfire.

On the 3rd of November my account, with a following of 117k was hacked. The young man who I could see with the aid of my spirit team, was sitting in a small box room. He was in eastern Europe. His life has not been easy on him, treated unlovingly in his life so far. His Father taking any value and worth he had for himself.

He has struggled with lack of favour with women….so this young man craves power.

Sitting in his small room, surrounded by empty soda cans and junk food – he gets validation for himself in being hidden and welding power over others.

Even those who serve and give to others.

So it is true, my Instagram page was multi faceted. It offered constant free guidance and uplifting posts to those who sort them, along with a path for people to make contact for readings on a one to one.

With my account lost…..well there are two routes. Succumb or Rise.

So welcome to my new website and blog……I am not known as ‘walkswithfire’ for no reason 😉

Join me….

With love xxx


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