Treasured workers of light
You are more powerful than you can ever imagine.
This need not be a thing…a finish line. It need not be an experience or object….of course if you specifically wish to focus then that is your will.
It can simply be constantly, consistently vibrating your very best self.  The perfect soul vibrating throughout your entire human at all times.
Mindfully and consciously vibrating at the highest level of energy you can imagine.
Some will literally just do this. Some may need to meditate. Some may need to walk. Some may need to constantly bring this to their being….reminding.
However…embody the knowing.  Be and vibrate as if you already are all that you desire.
And just see all that this brings.
Animals in spirit join our spirit team throughout our walk in human life.  They often change depending on where you are on your journey.
I have some permanent spirit animals, one being my wolf.  His eyes have been following me for days. A knowing, a loving, yet a relentless gaze.  I could ignore what my human was comfortable ignoring….yet as always I cannot escape his gaze for long.
I hear his words after our talk today and they combine with the guidance that Angels wish to share.
So today I will come back to centre. I smile.  I connect all that I am. Body, mind, soul and spirit. Now…I vibrate and envision my highest lightest truest self, living the most real authentic and intended reason this human came.
Join me, the energy will be particularly tangible today.
Channel that bee, that pollen, that seed, that bud, that bloom, that glory, that being that knew all it was before it ever was.  As spoken on the the guidance foreword.
With love xxx
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Love and Light 💖

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