Easy does it

Dear Delightful Friends,
How tremendous that each day our numbers grow across so many platforms, I send all of my love to you.
I had a message from a lovely friend and client yesterday marking 5 years in which she has been reading with me, next to a message from a young man who found me just yesterday.
Synchronicity.  Meaningful coincidence.  All paths crossing as your whole spirit self intended for this souls lifetime.
Your whole spirit self.  A term many of old will be used to hearing me use, and new to some.
In short, your human houses your soul in this experience. This lifetime.  Determined in time by your whole spirit self for lessons of choosing, to learn, to grow, to ascend further.  Your whole spirit self made from one or multiple souls lifetimes.  For now there ill leave the reminder. I will host a questions session soon whereby you can ask away.  Been a while since I have held one.
The relevance to today’s guidance, the hurt your humans heart is feeling was always on your card.  Always part of the lessons your spirit chose for this souls lifetime.  If you are feeling, reliving it. Re experiencing it.
I wish you in this moment to clasp your palms in front of you and bow your fore head to the clasping.  Bat the lashes closed. 
And be thankful.  Be grateful.  Embrace the joy and abundance you currently experience.  For what your humans ego deems unfair, your soul is rejoicing.  Soul knows its truly experiencing an event it was meant to.
Likely will continue to do so.  Be in this moment. Allow it.
Please choose your impact.  Rejoice or resent.
The choice will determine the next steps on your card, your blueprint that your soul is to walk with this human.
A lot to take in today my friend.  Its as simple as you make it.
Easy does it.  Clasp the palms, bow the head, hold thoughts of me and my team…intend to rejoice and we shall help you take the final step.
With love xxx
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Love and Light 💖

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