To get over the past you must accept that its over.

Dearest Sweetest Friends

Hello to those of always and those who join us new.  Slowly and steadily, how delightful.

Let’s make things very simple for you today child.  You overcomplicate.

A game of virtual twister you play, one foot in the past, one foot in the future, one arm in the past, one arm in the future, the humans mind worrying if its in the right place and when there what will happen, what did happen. How did it happen. 

No part of you in the place it truly matters.  Just now.

Now is all you have. Now is all available to you.

Put your feet together. Arms dropping to the sides next to the hips.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.

Close your eyes.  Now breathe in from the tips of your toes.  Breathe this breath through each limb and magical organ, up, up, up to the tip of your head.  Breathe out into the Universe.

Repeat as many times as wishing.  You will feel us.  You will feel a peace. A calm.  A reset.  We bring you your now.

What shall thee do with this gift?

With love xxx

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Love and Light đź’–

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