At any given moment you hold the power to change your story…Read on

Sweet Child,

At any given moment you hold the power to alter your story. You hold the power to manifest the ending.

If the story of now resembles a sad tale, not your fairy tale….then harness your power and choose your ending.

There will be events that are out of your control. This is set for the path of others and maybe yours…free will of others can alter any course.

The power you hold in those moments is the effect and impact and results…

So that answers the immediate scoff.

So now…read again.

And seek the soft, the light and places where your changes are yours to make.

Hiding…thinking everything happens to you and you have no choice…yeah right Zowie and her team in spirit what do you know… well more than you know. 🙏

Start small…the place you grab your coffee…it’s busy and the staff are moody…how’s your energy after this….guess what…you don’t have to buy your coffee there.

Or…alter the reaction to the energy for the coffee is too damn good.

Power to alter your story.

Choose the outcome you desire, now reset your income.

So…take a breath. Start small and just see the impacts. All big things are made of small.

It would be lovely to hear what you changed today…

With love

Zowie xxx