Attitude of Gratitude, not words of platitude

Greetings Dear Friends

Walk into your day very well.

‘Attitude of Gratitude’.

Drop the mike 🎤.

Anyhoo…yeah yeah Zowie…all bloomin week you’re telling us, be thankful. We get it.


Uh huh.


No …you do absolutely not get it.

Saying thankyou, yet not being thankful.

Acting Kind, yet not being kind.

Pretending loving nature, yet scorn sits behind the surface.

Confused….yeah the universe too.

Time to work on you, all of you. Check yourself out and check in.

You muddy your very own waters even more so with mixed messages.

Greater benefit would be felt matching your energy and thoughts to your actions and words.

What do I mean…

Well, if you do not like someone, don’t act like you do.

If you don’t feel kind, don’t act it.

Your ego will struggle with this. Of course it will, taken quite the time to develop such a great skill.

What an amazing mask created you have….but a mask it is. And fake it is. Confusing it is. Suffering of you ultimately it is.

Souls and spirit do not have a word for pretend.

Why would we… You are what you Be.

The muddiness of confused fake human presenting dual messages to the universe will result in your human receiving odd, fake, intangible messages from the universe. 🎤

Now we ask you take moments of being. You have dropped the Mike on your human, called it out.

Change can happen right now. You wish and plead the Universe gives you delight, gives you help in areas of want….then we suggest you start clearing your waters.

We receivith what we giveith.

Walk into your day with an ‘attitude of gratitude’…the choice of attitude and your humans approach is entirely yours.

Child take down the mask, for its quite ugly.

With love

Zowie xxx