Oneness, Alignment serves best. Let me and my team help you with that today…

Dear whole friends

By now you will have travelled through a portion of your day. Some a few hours, some half way through…others near the end.

Dial in.

What?! Who to, I don’t need to call anyone as far as I know😉

Dial in. To you.

The whole of you. For some may have their alignment down pat, easy Zo so thanks. Uh huh. Some may bring themselves to centre before they begin…some may wonder what on earth I speak about.

You child are you’re very own precious jigsaw puzzle, within their very own jigsaw puzzle.

Your human body…made up of so many many pieces. Your human mind….made up of so many many thoughts, emotions, feelings whilst being the programming hub of your being.

Your soul….sent by your whole spirit self on this lifetimes journey, trying to lead this human as it develops and grows…its energy centres within the body trying to work in harmony with the human it inhabits.

There’ll will be moments when all pieces in each jigsaw fit, and then they come together in complete alignment…easy – no. Often…no I’m afraid to say. But when it does in that moment there is peace and harmony.

We will not forever be fully aligned at all times, that’s not the path here for us as humans.

Yet seeing it, understanding it, working for it and consciously towards it is indeed part of our paths.

Oneness. Alignment. When we are in greater alignment we not only find stillness and peace, we are then of greater service to those around us. In turn greater service to our whole self and thus spirit.

So…can you find 10 mins..15 mins..and dial in.

In time I will speak further on different ways to reach a state of oneness, what suits one will not suit another.

Today…you may need to sit in quiet, you may prefer to walk or to move your body.

You may prefer to sit with a pen and a journal…to each their own. In this choice of body position, bring attention and awareness to your body, feel from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

Quiet the mind, focus on the wonder of the blood running through your veins, the breath running your engine, your heart beating in response.

Clear your thoughts and simply feel your soul. Imagine a channel of light running from your very root to the crown of your head. See the energy, and experience it glowing brighter and brighter with each breath.

And now…stay here.

BE. In oneness, in alignment.

There is every chance that you will begin to feel your oneness, and my team in spirit will be there.

You may feel the energy around your body, over it, in it. A tingle, or a warmth, a movement of air – it will depend on you and your receptive senses.

Fall into this moment, allow those in spirit to communicate with your soul…like friends hugging each other after a time of absence.

Trust me, when you feel this, you will find 10 mins to dial in.

Please enjoy this connection, it has been a while since I have been able to bring it to you. Of course share your experience, it’s always lovely to hear from you all.

With love

Zowie xxx