Spirit Guides….Whether you believe in spirit or not…Guides in Spirit you have…

Today my Friend

I was reminded how marvelous it is identifying another humans team in spirit. This I do through a Spirit Guide Identification reading….which I conduct through transcript.

I connect and meet your team in spirit….identify them. Explain their persona, how they wish you to see them when you think of them, their reasons for being with you…and what they are here to help you with.

Please read the card again. Your team in spirit will consist of a variety of unique energies from all parts of this universe and mayhaps others. They may have walked the earth before…they may not. They may be with you for an entire souls span here….they may be with but a week.

An identification reading is wonderful in the first instance, but it applies to that moment and immediate moments to come. I have clients who use me monthly or as they choose to have a spiritual counselling session with their spirit guides, through transcript. Where they are updated in their team for now…who now walks with them…why….and what’s to come.

Your growing connection to your belief and understanding of your team in spirit….is essential to your continued development in communication with your team yourself.

This is something I will be holding development classes for in the future.

For now….let’s bring them through for you. Let’s feel them for you. Hold me in your thoughts, you are now under my teams protection. Close your eyes…and breath…in for 2 and out for 2 and just simply be. You will now feel your very own spirit guides. They will surround you, I’m told. They hold hands as if in a ring of Rose’s…they circle you.

You will feel a shift in the energy around you. It’s likely a tightness of the throat, a quickened breath. Hold tight…we bring more. As they circle closer…you’ll begin to feel the vibration on your body…a tingle or a brush against the skin, the top of the head…

Stay here as long as you feel amazing.

There we go my darling friends…Zowies old day ‘are you clairsentient….let’s see’ post.

Well you are.


All my love

Zowie xxx