Alter your moment…here’s how

Sweet friends,

Hi. No matter where you sit in your day, in the moment…left field…not even in the field 😁…

We cannot be soul led at all times, or we would be our spirit selves. We are human. Well ok…thanks audience in my living room…I am writing this to a human audience. 🤫

We are humans wondrous balance of body, mind, spirit. Personality, feelings and emotions felt. Our human a house for our soul and our ego. In harmonious balance they aid our walk in this realm. We learn, we face.

It takes very little for any balance to be tipped on any scale, a little unbalance can alter our outcome. The precision in baking required, an example.

You may, in any moment, be soul led or ego led. This is natural, normal but a daily and moment by moment occurence. It is in fact one lesson upon incarnation we all share. Very well done to us all….we have an assault course to travel…and we do it balancing an egg on a spoon…on one leg.

No, it isn’t easy is it. You can find, your mood, your outlook, enthusiasm, intent…alter. Unexpectedly. An ego creep. Nice Zowie, Ego creep – one for the book!

You can get in front of this ego creep. Do this little piece of magic, no matter where you are.

Close your eyes.

Inhale. On an exhale, release your wings.

Now bat the eyelashes open…you’ll see things, people, places, events with angel wings.

It costs you nothing to view people in love, regardless. It costs you everything, not to.

In seeing feelingly with love, no matter where you sit you will have love blanketing you. Nothing, no thing will feel as bad as it did, and anything that felt great will feel greater for the right purpose.

I am not actively bringing spirit in one on ones to others at the minute. Doesn’t mean I don’t get bombarded with spirit…and some slip through. Sneaky buggers 🙏

I know there are those waiting, for your spirits wished for join me, pied piper! Trust the timing. I will read and reply soon.

The Angel wings in me, bow to the Angel wings in you all.

For now, with love
Zowie xxx
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