You aren’t here to be served upon but to serve…

You aren’t here to be served upon but to serve.
Obstacles intended for you to begin to see. To assessā€¦to walk aroundā€¦to climb overā€¦to work out how they originatedā€¦why they keep cropping up time and again..
Are the obstacles identicalā€¦or maybe they have a familiar likenessā€¦
So you may see family orientated obstaclesā€¦
Money orientatedā€¦relationshipā€¦
Your obstacles were prechosen. (Another subject for another day)
Howeverā€¦your spirit knew this soul would experience obstacles. It intendsā€¦hopesā€¦wishes you will find your way over them.
Those you don’tā€¦.they’ll keep coming. This lifetimeā€¦and others.
Those you doā€¦Will soften. Lessenā€¦get smallerā€¦you’ll see them comingā€¦get great at dodging. If you get one slide in from the sideā€¦you’ll deal easier. This/these obstacles will grow your soul. Grow your whole spirit self and when the time comes you will ascend and vibrate. Further and higher and move on to knew places to love, to light.
If you have you’re interest piquedā€¦then keep an eye out for my members program. We will cover more of this as you wish.
In love xxx
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Love and Light šŸ’–

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