Tuesday 14th August 2018


Oh it’s been a little tough hasn’t it. You have tried very hard to pick self up, dust you off and begin a new day.

And then…it seems you can’t get a break for something knocks you back again. Be it personal life and family, be it professional life and work…or simply it seems wrong time wrong place. You just can’t seem to get a break. It seems the universe is working against and not for.

Child often what we vibrate doesn’t have minds label. By this we mean, you may have decided how you think you are vibrating and labelled it…..it’s highly unlikely that you are.

Energy isn’t controlled by the mind. Your spiritual energy is affected by the slightest nuance.

This is not a time to seek advice from others.

This gives your power away as it puts your choices in someone else’s hands, and will be tainted by their own life experience, which is completely different than yours.

Keep your dreams and make the choices that feel light and right for you, always asking that they be of the Highest Good for all involved.

If you need to be heard, try journaling or talking to someone unbiased, or seeking guidance from your team in spirit.

Take a class or seek a spiritual teacher, or choose books that remind you of who you truly are. If you have lost track of your inner life, it is time for inner reflection. If you are afraid to begin the journey of self, then hold the hand of those in divine.

We remind to look within, to our own inner strengths and talents. There is something important that will be revealed if you take the time necessary to search for it.

It lies in your truth.

Remember that it is your environment that affects the DNA, light and love encourage the healthy patterns within your genes to be activated.

Learn to apply positive thoughts, feelings, and actions to old habits of negativity. Become responsible for creating an environment of joy and health.

Circle around again into yourself. Truth.

With love xxx

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