Tip #1 Psychic Development…Meeting your spirit guides…


Meeting your Spirit Guides and the rest of your spiritual team (angels, masters, and teachers) is a really fun and awesome way to develop your psychic abilities.

Plus, your Spirit Guides are fabulous in that they can help guide you along when you give a psychic or mediumship reading.

Heck, they can guide you along every day of your life no matter what you need… cooking, doing your taxes, making a life altering decision – anything!

Below are a few ways you can connect with your Spirit Guides:

Meditate and set the intention – Get in the habit of doing meditation. Get tips from many of our online resources….my easy tip would be to simply not ‘try’ to meditate.  Quiet time ….breathing and allowing your mind body and spirit reconnect…can be the greatest healing meditation.

For those who wish for a unique experience I teach guided meditations and bring your spirit team to you…So always one to think on.

Before you meditate, set the intention that you want to meet your Spirit Guides. Don’t worry if they don’t pop up and introduce themselves right away. It can take some time to practice and learn to trust, so pinkie promise me that you won’t be too hard on yourself 🙂

Use your imagination – Splurge and get yourself a fabulous journal and phenomenal pen. Get into a quiet space, relax, and just start writing. Use your imagination. Imagination is a WONDERFUL way to open up your psychic abilities because it gets you out of your “thinking” mind. Ask yourself:

Who are my Guides?
What do they look like?
What are their names?
What kind of clothes do they wear?
What is their personality?
If you don’t know the answers – who cares! Make it up. Let your imagination flow and you’ll grow closer to feeling a connection with your Divine Spiritual team!

Draw – Personally, when I draw my Guides, they are drawings in my minds eye.  One of my abilities is Clairvoyance which allows me to sketch with a virtual pen and paper in my mind…while I’m typing this lovely detailed guide to you.  My main guide thinks he’s quite hilarious in acting like he’s in a fancy dress shop….opening the curtain and standing proud in the most ridiculous outfits as I try and sketch.  Idiot man.

I know of those who simply whip out paper and pencils, closes there eyes – and they’re off!  Stick men!!! Yay….matters not.

If you are artistic, drawing can be a great way to connect to your guide!

So drawing or writing or just being….it doesn’t matter….just begin engaging…


With love xxx