Earth Angels…you may just have met one or may be you are one…


About 3-5 times a year, in a reading, I come into contact with someone who is described by Spirit as an Angel living in a human body.

And in my teachings, I’ve discussed the fact that Angels have mostly lived as Spirit, except for a few caveats of when they have been people before.

Whereas, Spirit Guides, have mostly incarnated as people before, and are now living as Spirit, Angels have pretty much always been Spiritual Beings in all incarnations, in all times, in Guardian Angels and Archangels alike . . . except for a few times, when they have been people.

When I first started teaching this, I knew what it meant intellectually. Of course, there is an exception to every rule and sometimes, Angels have to take the form of a human or animal to accomplish their goal of providing love,compassion support and gentle overarching guidance to those in need.

Sometimes, to do your job most effectively, you have no other choice but to go undercover.

To get the job done, sometimes, you need to do the job a different way. And all of this made complete sense and I didn’t really question it until I ran into a few clients, who shared a collective main message from their Loved Ones in Spirit.
That message?

Surprise! You were actually born onto this Earth as an Angel. Now you know! Great work, so far, by the way.
This has happened now more than once and so much in fact, I need to write about it. Surprisingly or not surprisingly, each time this message has been shared with a client, they totally got it. It made complete sense to them.
While we have all come to earth as Spirit in Human Body, some, in rare cases, some Spirits have come to Earth as Angel, within a Human Body.

These individuals are known an Earth Angels.


Collectively, the Earth Angels I have met, share a few common traits.

11 signs you are an earth angel:
They endlessly provide a shoulder or support or to cry on
They are always ready and willing to think about and offer ideas, opportunities and solutions to others
They are always looking for the silver lining, the opportunity for learning, the seed of light in themselves and others
They find themselves to be the ear to others who need to vent or release painful emotions, time and time again
They continually seek to find a better way or a more effective way to do things
They daydream and think about possibility quite often – for themselves or others

They have a difficult time focusing on or caring about physical world things, like time, chores, boundaries, assignments, etc.
As a child, they may have been diagnosed with attention disorders, for a lack of attention to focus on the physical world
They float off onto a cloud, snap out of reality amongst others or have had feelings of leaving their body
They are sensitive to the harshness of the physical world and urban society
They generally carry the alternative or broad spectrum perspective of the group

Earth Angels are here to provide direct guidance, love and compassion and support to others and their biggest challenge, is actually, to learn how to manifest this into a functional role in the physical world.
If you feel you may be an earth angel, here are a few steps to follow:
1. begin learning and connecting with your home soul group

Angels. Learn as much as you can about connecting, interacting and communicating with those in the Angelic realm. Read books, take classes and begin to experiment communicating across the veil with this realm. Oracle cards are a great place to start, but you can learn to channel your Angels, too, in much the same way you can channel Spirit Guides or Loved Ones.
The more you understand your group, your tribe, the more you will understand why it is that you are here and what your purpose is here on Earth, as an Angel in Disguise.
2. learn how to manage your spiritual abilities for the highest and greatest good

Many of those who have lots of Spiritual energy confined in a human body, including those who aren’t Earth Angels, technically – are extra sensitive, extra intuitive and extra in-tune. Some, as a protective mechanism, have blocked, turned down or rejected feeling anything at all – as an attempt to manage and navigate the world without bombardment.
It’s time to reopen up and learn how to hone in and manage those abilities.

3. find out your soul purpose
There is a reason you were born onto this earth as an Angel in a physical human body. Overall, those in the Angelic realm have a purpose, to provide love, compassion, guidance and support through the lens of an overarching and alternative, universal perspective.

This is the collective mission of all those in the Angelic realm. But, under that umbrella, all Angels, both in the Spiritual Realm and currently on Earth, in physical body, have more specific purposes, missions and ways to manifest and fulfill that role. Even if today is the first time you’ve discovered the possibility or Earth Angels, you have already been living out your purpose, yet to be identified into phrases and words. The matter of finding out your purpose, is simply, putting words to a mission statement you’ve already been living.
Begin finding out your purpose here.

Earth Angels, while rare, exist on Earth and walk among us from time to time. Each year, I run into about 3-5 such individuals and always, it’s both a surprise and a delight. If you would like to look into this possibility for you, we can do so in a private session or as always, if you feel it, you know it.

You may not need to look any further than within.
With love xxx