How do I know if it’s right for me…


One of the questions I get asked a lot is:

“Is this the right path/person/job/house for me?”

Naturally, we all want to be on the right path where we feel good, aligned and connected to our destiny; our higher purpose and all the happy circumstances we can experience in life.

Here’s the thing.

You can be on the right path and still meet with difficult circumstances, terrible conditions and sadness.

There’s a saying that ‘A good day for the soul is a bad day for the ego.’

This is true. This is also the case when we are resisting ‘what is.’

When we don’t want what we have or we can’t have what we want because it’s just out of reach. The more we desire something or someone to change, the greater suffering we experience.

I’ve also found that the more we become aware of our desires and what drives us, the easier it is to spot when we are falling off the wagon spiritually and ‘projecting our needs onto another.’

A good day for the soul doesn’t have to be terribly out of alignment with the ego – they can become allies as we allow the Soul to teach us a new way of viewing life.

Impatience, anxiety, and complaining are a sure sign you’re leaning to one side of yourself, and not engaging the wiser part of you for answers.

Have you ever felt so ‘sure’ of something or someone only to have things dissolve before your eyes? What’s the first thing we think?

We were wrong, we didn’t listen to ourselves and we made a huge mistake that will ruin our life.

For this, the soul whispers practical guidance,

“You are learning about the power of choice and what speaks to your heart and conscience.

As you learn and grow, you will not only ‘know’ what’s right for you – you’ll find yourself practicing new habits easier than you once did. Be kind to yourself and trust the bigger picture. Every situation can be used for good.”

Here are the signs that you are on the path of the soul:

*You feel light despite the heaviness of a circumstance.

*You are taking care of yourself (doing what you need to do such as exercise, not drinking to numb your pain, eating well etc.)

*You are taking breaks from negative self-talk and encouraging yourself more.

*You’ve taken a risk to do something out of the ordinary- something your old self never do for fear of ridicule, risk, self-judgment, etc.

*You are speaking honestly rather than keeping your voice in your throat.

*You feel connected and look for patterns between situations- analyzing yourself in a positive way without the need to beat yourself up for past mistakes.

*You are less attached to what other people think- in particular those you love dearly or those you are at odds with.

So, you are in fact on the right path when you’ve found some self-acceptance and you’re opening up to loving thoughts and sharing your light with less resistance.

Savour this moment for the sake of your soul.

With love xxx