My first reading today was a Spiritual Counselling session….if intrigued here are some slides of how I work…


Even with my repeat and regular clients I never ask why they seek and book a session. I never keep previous readings and review them.

I go in fresh and clear. In this reading her guides where hammering away at me…as she had been hammering away at herself.

Stick to the routine she was telling herself. Stick to the organised, analytical, organised, logical and scientific side of her personality. That controlled by the right side of her brain.

She was in the midst of reinforcing her right sided personality after unleashing her left, passionate, romantic, spiritual, creative, adventurous side for the last 2 years.

We identified this early to her and she confirmed we were right.

We then went through the 2 key areas, one property purchase and one relationship based. Both needing opposite sides of self.

We identified what was occurring, described the new home I had stood before earlier that morning before her reading…..and how her human and mind had processed.

We then identified what was occurring in her relationship…the past repeated patterns of behaviour and outlined the probable future for her. Of course depending on her free will. Depending on whether she allowed right or left to lead….and when.

At the last minute…she snuck in a deceased friend enquiry.

You see, I have to channel in specific ways depending on the reading I am conducting….other wise there would be a street party in every session. Many of whom you didn’t know.

Many spirits never get the chance to be heard and seen….simply because it’s not the human norm. So…yes they will come say Hi anyway.

Suffice to say I found her dear friend, or my guardian angel did. She was not reachable, for she was in her life review. So she was safe and well.

Putting my clients mind at rest.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journeys with clients and the realm of energy unseen but key to our existence…..along with how I work.

If not….well what you reading for my darling…go be nosy elsewhere 😁⚘

With love for right now and right then

Zowie xxx