No what if, it IS or ISN’T…

Sweet Friends,

I spoke yesterday in a post of not fearing what ifs. As humans that are programmed to appear in the same manner we are programmed to walk and talk.

We have the capacity to learn what to do with the software.

What ifs will always come through no matter who or what you are.

What you do with the what if is what you’ll learn the greatest lessons from.

Yes in my years reading for others I have seen and dealt clearly with their what if moments. Yet still in this field which is the breath to my life….I doubt. I have what ifs.

Remember Zowie what you shared yesterday…IS or ISN’T.

I am getting closer to making contact with those who have requested scheduled readings, no…I have not made contact with anyone yet. Why….well…yes I am determined to get the Members Soul Lounge up and running first. Giving all those who have followed me and like being in this environment a private place to be. To make friends and to share things they wish not in the public domain. I have also found many ways to bring a greater spiritual unity to those who wish to take part no matter where in the world they are, all through one private space.

So yes…I am determined to get this up and running first.

If I’m truthful my abilities come through all day every day whether I seek them or not. In fact appearing to be stronger than ever. Yet it has been 6 months since I have read professionally for another…and yeah…theres the software ‘what if’ trying to get in on my humans gig.

What if…I’ve lost my abilities…one or all of them…what if…blah blah blah blah. Like I said yesterday I annoy myself and him…but my learning comes from what I do with the software.

What I do…or what my team in spirit do…is find ways to prove the ‘what if’ software is a virus, malware.

So…here is a little snippet of my remote viewing ability. A little message with a loved one…and without trying in comes my walkabout their room.

So…Zowie…Sweet Friends…it IS or ISN’T.

For now, with love xxx
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