The Members Soul Lounge

A private support group to connect with Zowie and like minded peers to share revelations, get advice, or ask and answer questions from member friends.

In time there will be themes and topics for discussion and insight, to further light your souls path during this human incarnation.

Connecting with Zowie and her spirit team for her famous ‘Ask Away’ sessions  – bring you in direct contact with a working psychic medium, her abilities along with asking those in Divine the questions you seek true answers from.

Chat with Zowie and other members in an open forum.  Submit your questions in advance, ask them live, or just sit back and read the experiences and perspectives of other members. Questions on personal development, intuitive business, overcoming spiritual blockages and more are all welcome. There are no expectations for each of these ‘Ask Away’ sessions, just open minds.

Join us for member-exclusive events like spirit circles and group meditations, undertaken during The Soul Lounge offers a greater period of time to work within an area of spiritual development and intuitive growth, benefiting from the connection that working with Zowie brings.

Or simply join to share your day, to be lifted or to lift. To experience a safe place with the highest of vibrations with those operating in Love and Light.

It is a secret group; your privacy is priority.

Why Join? To start, live a more intuitive life!

The Soul Lounge is for those who want a more focused and guided path to their spiritual and personal development all while continuing to grow in a balanced and holistic way: in life, in your abilities, in your current path.

You don’t have to decide between a highly intuitive life and a more physical focus. You can do both. You are both.

If this sounds what you seek….then register and come take a look.

The Soul Lounge opened March 2019, it will evolve and grow, so come and see where we take this my fellow lightworkers.


With love xxx

New Member?  Simply choose ‘Register’ from the menu and follow instructions to create an account πŸ˜‡, once verified you will have access to your own Members Profile, Groups and Forums…along with creating friendship groups tailored to your tastes…oh and its free xxx


9 thoughts on “The Members Soul Lounge”

    1. Hey….I thought this would be ideal for you. It was a pleasure spending time with you today in your Spiritual Awakening and Developement session….can’t wait to hear the impacts πŸ’–πŸ­πŸ˜‡

  1. Hello Zowie,’Veronica from Arizona, USA. Please let me know more about this group. I’m interested and would love to connect with you more often. Xx

Love and Light πŸ’–

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