Jessica @mylovable1

Namaste Dearest Zowie,

I’m doing very well. 3rd day in a row meditating & this mornings was AMAZING!!! I felt my Ajna Chakra, truly went to a place of bliss & oneness.

Since we 1st spoke (Spiritual Counseling) ~ realization & discernment led me to the road of healing of no longer repeating the same cycle of not bringing the past to my beautiful life now.

We spoke again, this time for Spiritual Energy Healing & I can say it CHANGED ME. I’m more conscious of nourishing the physical body, more mindful & kind.

I take a step back to see what it is causing the reaction felt. If I feel this great now, I look forward to what the weekend will feel like.

Thank you Zowie for sharing your gifts I truly feel Blessed. Thank you for meeting me on this Journey 🙏🏻

Thank you Thank you Thank you

You opened my awareness of what loving yourself should be, I’m not pretending anymore. I AM LOVED – Jessica @MyLovAble1 from Instagram.

@walkswithfire “THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!! From that lady who was with me just a week ago….2 sessions – WHAM!! shes lighter and free and happy…….and not relying on a man or others to define her. Now lady lets really see what lies ahead xxxx”

Your accuracy was amazing!!!


Yelena was stunned by my accuracy

She had two sessions back to back. Spiritual Counselling and then Mediumship. My team and I identified all that was occurring in her current human life. Her children and the troubles with managing one of her sons conditions.

After such guidance we then cleared and opened up into Mediumship. In came her Mum.

It was delightful.