How I work

Dear Sweet Friends
Seeing helps believing.  Seeing helps trusting.
This is why throughout my time working for you, I always offer transparent evidence of my abilities and how I work.
Of course whilst maintaining private confidential details remain just that.
My abilities cover all bases each matching each strength for strength.  I see, hear, feel, touch, taste, smell, know through spirit.  Which abilities present themselves for you depend on your needs and those in spirit who join me and my team.
Here I share with you how the reading began.  I sit in the UK. She in the US.  Me 10am. Her 4am.
No video nor phone. Always and only encrypted messaging.  I never ask why the request for time with me, just the type of session. 
Be it mediumship and deceased loved ones…or spiritual counseling or spiritual energy healing or being taught meditation etc etc the list goes on.
Once beginning….you see how we remind or instill trust in the client that we are something quite unique and rare.  For then when we show what we know without seeing it with human eyes, it makes hearing what needs to heard much easier to believe in and trust.
Let me, us help you begin to unravel the unbelievable.
And yes….contacts are beginning to be made once again.  Thankyou so much for your patience and for lovingly reading my words taking time from your busy lives.
With love xxx
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Love and Light 💖

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