My Dearest, Sweetest Friends.

Happy new year.  No wishing for self nor others.  Child for it be meaningless.  Wishing another to wish is a dilution of humans hopes hiding between layers of fear.

When offering words to those who matter.  Give them a gift of offering so great that they truly do matter. 

Do not just use the words as platitudes or expectations given to others.  A box humans tick collectively at this time of year. Child the universe does very little with wishes.

In truth do not wish anyone anything.  Be your happy new year.  Give them a gift of being their very own happy new year.

Create your happy new year.  Embody the happy new year you offer those you care enough for to make contact.

And now. And how.

Maintain a positive attitude in regards to a current situation or issue and be optimistic about the outcome as this will manifest your desired result/s.

We are given plenty of obstacles along our paths, so do not allow yourself to become one of them.


Release your fears and apprehensions, stay on a positive path and use your natural skills, talents and abilities for the benefit of yourself and others.

Show initiative and tenacity and step out of your comfort zone as it is time to take new directions and/or begin new projects and ventures that your soul has been urging you towards.

Take on challenges and changes with confidence and courage, and trust that you have a unique team that  are by your side and are guiding your every step. 

Remain calm, balanced and happy and you will find that all will work out for your highest good.  For 2021 is a gateway of many paths. 

Consciously mindfully step onto the one you intend.

Not the one holding all you fear and thus choose to walk upon because its just easier to get what you think you deserve.  Egos settle.

Aim beyond high. Be highest.

Wishing those a happy new year, give them these words. Give them a guide. Give them the choice to create their very own happy new year.

Be mindful. Be astute.  A lesson of learning comes in this generation. Do not sit in fear. Sit in the highest levels of astuteness, of mindful decisions and choices.  Look at self not to others to make your choices.  Doing so will keep you very safe.

For now…til soon.

With all my love
Zowie xxx
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Love and Light 💖

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