I am humbled by her words 🙏…I hope you take time to read

My Dear Darling Friends

Death and loss of loved ones causes unimaginable pain, a pain we think we may not survive.

There is no replacement nor cure for this pain. There is a way to soften, throw some peace and light upon it….

Again…I do not take advantage of, nor make light of such enormous loss and tragedy, I know this pain. The agony. The phases.

There are moments I have felt relief from this by communicating with spirit.

I battle often with the worry on bringing loved ones through….I would hate ever to cause further pain or disappointment.

Not all spirits communicate in the same way, some are newer to this communication using energy….some are well versed.

Some can use clairvoyance, some can not. Some can use voice, and ears to hear, some can not. Some can use feeling, not only on my body to pinpoint physical sensation and clues to send, but also an emotion or feeling felt, some can not. Some can make me smell, taste…some can not. Some can just make me know, as if I know with certainty my own name, some can not. Some can do all, some one or two.

The time spent as spirit also determines how clear and well they can communicate.

The point I make is this, I do not choose who comes for you, I do not choose how they communicate and I do not choose what they wish to show and tell.

But….I haven’t been unable to reach who someone seeks yet. Sometimes I have to shift and change how I work, sometimes I have to reach and grab them….sometimes my main man in spirit helps them.

But I will do everything in my power to bring them through.

Most often they chose me anyway, they just been sending you signs to find me. Spirit chooses their medium for many reasons.

Today I read for a lady in Canada, her Dad died when she was a teenager….well he communicated what he wanted to. All was not just for her, and as I explained he was telling me….’I may never get the chance to come to my family again. It depends on many factors….so I’m showing and telling all I can. Because when shared it will make sense as a whole to everyone I love’.

I will be honest, this isn’t easy for me. Humans doubt is a creeper and that’s the same for me.

If I receive an…erm doesnt ring a bell….yet the spirit is as clear on what doesn’t make sense and what does in the way he communicates it and they are identical, then it is very easy for me or another medium to worry and doubt.

The Thing is this, I will not allow myself to be anything other than everything for those I bring spirit through for.

I have learnt over the years to trust. To trust my abilities and to trust my guides and to trust the lovely spirit coming through for their family. Because….it always comes back and shows itself to he true or relevant to another, or is about to come true.

Today I even had to go in to spirit world and have a swift chat with this Dad. I told him, show her what she needs that will prove you to her. She is sitting in anger with you and is almost hoping she can say it’s not you. You’ve got little time left before she wants to hear from her deceased cat and not you. Well the chat worked.

He put out. And …her cat still came through.

I share because its important to know that this isn’t magic, nor a trick show.

That believe me if I read for you, I expect exceptional from me and spirit.

I am able, yes. For which I am grateful, in awe. I never take it for granted and I work in every way to get better and better each and every day to connect the two realms.

So when I post about readings and sessions and in particular dead loved ones….it matters more to me than you can imagine.

And it takes reading reviews and words of my lovely trusting clients that reassures me and keeps me on the spirit trail.

Melissa has read with me for 4 years. A combination of spiritual counselling and Mediumship readings with her Dad, and I think she would agree her Grandma came through once also.

To hear making things easier for her in a life she leads without her Dad is beyond special to me. To know that my team in spirit and a collective of Angel’s and Divine have told her just what she needed to trust her future….that our predictions show themselves…that she also then takes the time to put her name to that fact…well I am grateful.

Today spirit made a big difference to 3 humans who worked with me, all across the globe. So creeping egos doubt….do one.

Now…on a side note…spending a day working hour after hour bringing spirit through my human….well takes all the charge out of my batteries.

So…I’ll leave you all for the day now.

Believe in the unbelievable, one day it may just soften your pain.

With love

Zowie xxx