Let it go 💃

Hello kind friends
Today I have spent time harking Angel’s.  I don’t do this often enough.
You too have Angel’s around you at all times.
Remember I have told you countless times before, they cannot intervene against your will.
Are they willing….but of course.  If you need assistance ask them.  I could write some flowery prose for you…simple fact is…they speak your language as well as mine.
Ask for help.  Be true, authentic.  Do not set the outcome or conditions…souls seek help not humans egos with ‘but how can I trusts’ or ‘control’.
Its Sunday, chill out.
Ask for help to simply be released and for it to be returned healed.
I glance back over the months before Christmas.  Particularly the last few weeks of December…I asked on multiple issues involving not just myself….and it worked.  Things were returned healed.
What you waiting for….oh yes the message from me to remind you to ask your waiting Angel’s to help you.
With love, for now xxx