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Saturday 16th March 2019


View yourself with eyes that you view your most loved nearest and dearest.

Berating self and focusing on the negatives of your character…your body…actions…thoughts feelings ….events you’ve taken part in…..keeps the spirit suppressed and down trodden.

Humans ego often does this to keep us where it most feels comfortable….even if it hurts like a bitch.

It’s a cycle you won’t find unfamiliar for youve probably done this your whole life. There will be a default action your human takes….when things are a little out of control in areas around us…do not be surprised if you find yourself filled with doubt and once again berating and beating with stick.

It may be how you look…how you interact …something you feel you always get wrong.

Today Angels ask you see yourself with eyes of love and to enjoy you. Find what you love about you….And focus on that. More focusing here will see you gaining confidence in many areas ….And thus without noticing other areas will get a chance to grow and come out of their suppressed shell.

Be kind to you. Enjoy you.

With love xxx