Sunday 29th July 2018


Time. I have been gently and quietly easing myself back into service.
There is not one speed child. I have just recently been reminded.

My abilities being strengthened and reminded of as I once again walk with spirit.

And so after fitting many readings in a short space of time…I took a few short days.

Soul led. And yesterday baby ego began a new little cry….And it began a rhythm.

The rhythm itself doesn’t really matter…yet it of course related to fear and doubt.

Once again my team in spirit use what is necessary on my path to instil faith of me in me.

Yesterday I helped family with messages and insight from our loved ones crossed over.
Mediumship is and always will be integral to my very core. The wonder and the love of souls reuniting with spirit is for me…everything. An everything I do not take lightly. So….I haven’t yet been booking specific mediumship readings….which of course my team know and know why.

So yesterday they began to find ways to strengthen my faith in me.

In the morning that came impromptu from a family member. The one she sought instigated it….And he then stepped up.
Later that day…I slept at a family members home.

And the activity from spirit was….in your face shall we say.

To the point that those who are able…yet think they are not…too heard the sounds and felt the sensations.

My team used this to prove to me that my clairvoyance in fact rather than deteriorating during my sabbatical is in fact stronger still.

Meeting a lovely Greek man…who is the great grandad of members of my family whom they’ve never met. He was cooking up a storm and joining our little gathering.
It was a bit later for us to join him in the horos…But he gave a good go without us.

I am also very much enjoying the reopening of all spirit animals that are joining me…And those humans around me who then bring their spirit animals with them.

I have always walked with my wolf. We have shared many many lives. Today he reminds me to take heed. See where I’ve been. See why I’m here. Just take heed. Know you are not nor ever alone. That we are helped and guided at all times.

So today I share what Angels wish to be shared.

They know and understand that you have been toiling diligently towards your goals, and encourage you to continue on your current path to achieve the success and results you desire.

With love xxx