Intuitive Skills Development Test #1….all can join 💫

In this intuitive skills development test, you are invited to exercise your intuitive skills and read the person in the photo below.
The purpose of this development test is for you to improve your intuitive abilities when reading other people and gain some confidence. More importantly do so, whilst having fun and engaging with others of like minded interest. If you’ve never done anything like this before – why not have a go? You might surprise yourself.
Here is the person I chose for this development test:



(If you know who this is…please keep to yourself and allow others to enjoy the task)🤗

For this development test, I encourage you to start by tuning into the person’s character traits.
First of all sit quietly and just breathe…allow your focus to soften as it looks at the photo…and begin to feel the energy from this person.
Then begin to see how you feel about them…what is the energy you feel.
Start first with their qualities, are they kind? Or maybe stubborn…..A lot of people go for the objective facts without knowing who they are first. But the character, the type of person you feel, is the best place to start.
If you get a sense about them– try to get more details and expand on it.
Here are some other questions to ask yourself upon tuning in:
1. Do you trust them?
2. Would you feel safe around them, like them?
3. If so, why or why Not?

Remember that everyone is multifaceted, so don’t be surprised if you receive seemingly contradictory information.
If you get an impression that you don’t understand, you will want to do further questioning around it by asking ‘What does this mean?’. Often, people will get an impression, not know what it means and leave it at that. But sometimes you have to ask follow-up questions about your initial impressions in order to clarify them.

Some tips for getting intuitive insights about other people:
• When you look at a photo, you often instantly form a judgment about someone’s character. Often this is unconscious and subtle. They happen very fast too – so fast that they happen before you have thoughts. They are basically the unconscious judgments and assumptions that we habitually put to one side. Make them conscious if you can.
• Remember to ask specific questions and wait for an impression or answer to come to you.
I will reveal who this person is in the photo is in one week’s time.

Please leave a comment letting me know your impressions…..I truly hope you enjoy 💖 as much as I do.

I am looking forward to reading what you get!
With love xxx


4 thoughts on “Intuitive Skills Development Test #1….all can join 💫

  1. I see she worked in the airspace or aviation field. I see a troubled childhood, something involving her father or a fatherly figure may be the cause. I see very good skills in math. Very organized person and also reflective. I would trust her.


  2. what i get is a very staunch personality. there is a level of serious intensity. looks like a very conservative and mainstream person. very much in the system. looking at the picture she looks like she acts for the sign of the times but doesn’t waver in her traditional beliefs



  3. I see in her very strong male side of her. She was grew up in the farm field of maybe in Australia or in Ireland. Her parents were loving caring nature has lots of children. Maybe five to seven. She was oldest one in brother and sister. I kind of feel that she was a activist who was very senssitive, but also fighter.
    I could trust her. But she is kind of untouchable personality. She is kind,but very private person.


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